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Teens are officially over Facebook. "Between fall 2014 and spring 2014, when Piper Jaffray last conducted this survey, Facebook use among teenagers aged 13 to 19 plummeted from 72 percent to 45 percent," according to The Washington Post's Caitlin Dewey.

Twitter's head of news quits after less than a year at the company. "[Vivian] Schiller joined Twitter as the social media platform started to move more aggressively into journalism at the end of last year," the Verge reports, "building new alerts for breaking news, and attempting to nurture relationships with the media industry."

iOS 8 adoption is slow because it’s a ‘nerd release.’ "According to multiple sources, iOS 8 downloads have basically flatlined," according to Wired. "Mixpanel reports iOS 8 users currently make up 45 percent of total iOS users, while iOS 7 users still make up 50 percent."

U.S. spying scandal will 'break the Internet,' says Google's Schmidt. CNET reports: "The impact of U.S. government surveillance on tech firms and the economy is going to get worse before it gets better, leaders at some of the biggest tech firms warned U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden on Wednesday during a roundtable on the impact of US government surveillance on the digital economy."

Russian cybercrime group compromised half a million computers. Computerworld reports: "A mistake by a suspected Russian-speaking cybercriminal group allowed a security vendor to peep on a campaign that stole login credentials for hundreds of thousands of online bank accounts."