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72 Hours of #Gamergate: Digging through 316,669 tweets. Andy Baio writes: "Two massive, impenetrable hairballs of people that want little to do with one another, only listening to their side and firing volleys across the chasm."

The feds want to redefine TV, and that has cable giants nervous. "Major cable companies are getting worried they could face stiffer competition from online video, thanks to a new government proposal," National Journal writes. "The Federal Communications Commission is working on a plan to give online TV services all of the same regulatory perks that cable companies get."

In new structure, Google CEO Page aims for ‘faster, better decisions.’ "Larry Page says the 16-year-old company is showing signs of age, and Page wants to make sure it stays innovative," the Wall Street Journal reports.

Google is playing a multibillion-dollar game of chicken with traditional ISPs. "New entrants such as Google Fiber have come seemingly out of nowhere to shake up this dynamic in some markets," I write, "prompting a race among Internet service providers (ISPs) to upgrade speeds and expand access to the fastest, cheapest fiber around. But a big question is how long this push can last."

Verizon’s ‘perma-cookie’ is a privacy-killing machine. "Verizon Wireless has been subtly altering the web traffic of its wireless customers for the past two years," according to Wired, "inserting a string of about 50 letters, numbers, and characters into data flowing between these customers and the Web sites they visit."