Being a player in the video-streaming world means being locked in a constant battle for the rights to TV shows and movies. Overnight, consumers may find that movies they counted on being able to watch on, say, Netflix, have now switched over to Hulu. Or maybe something you used to be able to buy on Amazon is now only available on iTunes.

But, in a surprisingly bridge-building move, Disney announced Tuesday that it will let consumers buy copies of movies that will run on both iOS and Android devices -- all in one transaction. The "Disney Movies Anywhere" service has added support for the Google Play store, and by doing so has also made it possible to link both your iTunes and Google Play accounts to Disney's service -- so you can pay once to watch, well, anywhere.

Yes, that means even more ways to watch the truly ubiquitous "Frozen." But it also means that consumers won't have to buy purchases twice to work on different devices, or risk losing access to part of their entertainment collection if they decide to ditch their current device.

It's also, in its own way, a tad revolutionary for Disney.

Part of what keeps people from switching between mobile platforms is the fact that they invest a lot of money in their device choice. Once you add up all the music, movies, books and apps that the average smartphone user buys, chances are you come to a pretty hefty investment. That's part of what keeps Apple users on iOS devices, Google users on Android devices.

By offering content across platforms -- and making sure that purchases follow your device preferences -- Disney has shifted the landscape ever so slightly.