Microsoft has tried really hard to make their iPad competitor, the Surface, work. It's done flashy advertising campaigns and sometimes painfully obvious product placement on primetime TV. But it hasn't caught on -- the tech giant even had to write off nearly $1 billion for one variant of the tablet hybrid last year.

And CNN's election night coverage provided another ego blow to Surface fans: As Geekwire noted, while the commentators had their desks practically plastered with Surfaces, eagle-eyed watchers noticed that some commentators were hiding the iPads they were actually using behind the Microsoft tablets. In one case, noticed by Twitter user adamUCF, an on-air personality used their Surface as a kickstand for their iPad.

Microsoft has struggled to gain traction in the hardware space. (Remember the Zune?) But it seems almost a shame to have the Surface so painfully upstaged, especially considering the most recent version actually seems to be a pretty nice device.