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Verizon: Actually, strong net neutrality rules won't affect our network investment. "Even the strongest possible rules to preserve net neutrality — the idea that ISPs should not be allowed to speed up or slow down some Web sites over others — won't change how the company upgrades its infrastructure, Verizon's chief financial officer, Francis Shammo, told investors in a conference call Tuesday," the Post reports.

CBS' Leslie Moonves says selling TV spectrum is a possibility. "We own 27 television stations — 13 are CBS and the rest are CW or independents,'" the Los Angeles Times quotes Moonves as saying. "'When you see the numbers being thrown out there for the spectrum of a local television station — in the $200-million range — suddenly that looks pretty attractive to a CW duopoly,' Moonves said, referring to markets where CBS owns two stations."

Netflix wants to hook up with your cable company in 2015. Gigaom reports: "Netflix’s new strategy to take on cable involves becoming best friends with cable: The video streaming service has been working hard to get its app included on set-top boxes of cable, fiber and satellite TV operators."

Google to shut Google News in Spain in response to new law. According to the Wall Street Journal: "The legislation, which takes effect in January, requires Spanish publishers to charge services like Google News for showing excerpts or snippets from their publications, Google said."

Sony Pictures tries to disrupt downloads of its stolen files. Re/code reports: "The company is using hundreds of computers in Asia to execute what’s known as a denial of service attack on sites where its pilfered data is available, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter."