Google announced it's taken another step toward solving all of our traffic problems, showing off the first "real build" of its concept for the self-driving car.

The tech giant first displayed the first prototype of its bubble-bodied, steering wheel-free car in May. But the vehicle it announced Monday in a Google+ post from its self-driving car project has progressed by leaps and bounds.

For example: this car has real headlights, unlike its mocked-up predecessor below:

In addition to getting some lightbulbs,the firm said that it's spent the past several months working on improving the car's steering and braking systems as well as its array of sensors that help keep the autonomous car alert while on the road.

Google said that it will be keeping the manual controls on its vehicles for a "while longer" for safety while its continues testing.

So when can you get one? As you can probably tell from the fact that Google calls this its first "real" build, you shouldn't expect to see this in your driveway with one of those ridiculous car bows this year. A report from the  Wall Street Journal last week said that the company is still looking for partners in the auto industry to take the car to market in the next five years.

Google didn't offer much information on a timeline Monday, saying only that its team will be "spending the holidays zipping around our test track" and hopes to begin road tests of the car in California sometime in 2015.