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North Korean Web goes dark days after Obama pledges response to Sony hack. "The mystery behind North Korea’s outage highlights a paradox of modern cyberwarfare: As attacks become more prominent, the combatants — and their motives — are becoming harder to identify," the Post reports.

The fair use case to show The Interview if Sony will not. "Fair use rules involve courts balancing the rights of the copyright owner against the interest of the public. And in this case, the public interest case for showing the movie is enormous," writes Gigaom.

Sony threatens to sue Twitter unless it removes tweets containing hacked e-mails. "Sony’s battle on people disseminating its hacked and leaked emails has extended from news outlets to random Twitter users to, now, Twitter itself," Vice reports.

Apple updates Macs without asking, but it's to foil hackers. "Apple is pushing out its first automatic security update to protect your computer from being taken over by wrong'uns," according to CNET.

Elon Musk promises to reveal Tesla Roadster update this week. "Company CEO Elon Musk has one more surprise up his sleeve for this year: An update to Tesla Roadster," Mashable reports.