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Why Hollywood is going after Google over prescription drugs. "The entertainment lobbies want to rid the Internet of bootleg movies and music," the Post reports. "Getting rid of illicit pharmaceuticals first is a back-door way of getting there."

Google, wireless industry not down with Marriott’s WiFi blocking plan "Microsoft and Google don’t agree on much, but they’ve presented a united front against the hotel industry, which is trying to convince government regulators to give them the option of blocking guests from using personal Wi-Fi hotspots," according to Re/code.

A brand new world in which men ruled. "Instead of narrowing gender gaps, the technology industry created vast new ones for Stanford University’s pioneering class of 1994," reports the New York Times.

Deliberation could fix tech’s immigration problem. Techcrunch reports: "Once informed, readers were much more open to immigrants and their interests, and conversely opposed to tightening restrictions."

NASA scientists want to colonize Venus with giant floating cities. Quartz reports: "A team of scientists at NASA Langley Research Center believe it’s possible to send humans there—to live in large, blimp-like airships, and observe the planet from high above its surface."