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Hacked emails reveal China’s elaborate and absurd internet propaganda machine. Quartz reports: "Thousands of emails obtained from the Zhanggong propaganda department by a Chinese blogger — and released on his website — offer a rare view into the mechanics of manipulating web conversation in China at its most local level."

A Q&A with Lizard Squad, the hackers who say they helped infiltrate Sony's network. "A self-proclaimed member of the group says they gave Sony login information to Guardians of Peace, thereby facilitating the initial Sony hack," the Post reports.

Net neutrality to dominate D.C.’s tech agenda. "For the White House, a major win on net neutrality might come at a cost," Politico reports, "scuttling everything else on Washington’s tech and telecom agenda next year."

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is preparing for its craziest rocket test yet. According to Boy Genius Report: "Early in 2015, it’s going to try to safely land one of its rockets on top of a barge in the middle of the ocean."

NVIDIA corporate network breached. "An email outlining the breach was sent to NVIDIA employees on Wednesday December 17th from the privacy office informing them that a breach had occurred and that their individual information had been compromised," according to Forbes.