British authorities have arrested a person said to have links with Lizard Squad, the hacking organization claiming responsibility for disrupting Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on Christmas Day, according to the Daily Dot.

A copy of the search warrant provided to the Dot identifies Vinnie Omari, a 22-year-old living in the United Kingdom, as the person behind the outages. Law enforcement officials reportedly seized phones, laptops and an Xbox from Omari's home, according to the Dot.

The Dot says Omari provided the media outlet with the search warrant and the information about the arrest, but that they were not able to confirm the details with local police.

Previous reports had speculated that the name Omari was an alias, but the police documents releasing him on bail used that name, according to the Dot story.

The arrest highlights the pressure that investigators are putting on Lizard Squad after a string of antics this year raised the group's profile. In an interview last week, another member of the group identifying himself as "Ryan," said Lizard Squad gave Sony employee logins to Guardians of Peace, the hackers suspected of breaking into Sony's network and initially prompting the company to pull "The Interview" from theaters. Lizard Squad also caused an American Airlines flight bearing a Sony executive to be diverted in August when the hackers tweeted a bomb threat to the airline. In the interview, Ryan expressed regret over how far the stunt went.

On Wednesday, Lizard Mafia's Twitter account began reporting that Ryan had been arrested by Finnish authorities.

Lizard Squad and Omari could not be immediately reached for comment. The group's Web site was also inaccessible Wednesday afternoon.

Update: In a statement, Lizard Squad confirmed to the Post that Omari is out on bail, while "Ryan" remains in jail in Finland.