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FCC chairman has all but confirmed he’ll side with Obama on net neutrality. The Post reports: "President Obama's top telecom regulator just issued his strongest hints yet about a pending plan to regulate Internet providers, and judging by reports from the room, he's leaning hard toward the most aggressive proposal on the table."

SpaceX could be cleared for military rocket deals by mid-2015. "The U.S. Air Force said on Wednesday that it expects to clear Elon Musk's space venture to compete for Pentagon satellite launches by mid-2015, six months later than previously planned," according to the Wall Street Journal.

The FTC warns Internet of Things businesses to bake in privacy and security. "The FTC is hoping IoT companies will adopt specific practices — and bake them into their business models — aimed at enhancing privacy and security, and bolstering consumer trust in their own products," according to Techcrunch.

One of Silicon Valley’s top VC firms just invested millions in weed. "Today, Founders Fund — the Peter Thiel-backed venture capital firm behind Facebook, SpaceX, Airbnb, and more — announced a multimillion-dollar investment in Privateer, marking the first time Founders Fund, and indeed any top-tier VC firm, has invested in a so-called 'cannabusiness,'" Wired reports.

Toyota kickstarting fuel cell future with patent release. CNET reports: "In an effort to get other automakers building fuel cell-powered cars and help fuel suppliers open new hydrogen-fueling stations, Toyota announced it would make 5,680 of its patents available for use on a royalty-free basis."