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Obama to call for laws covering data hacking and student privacy. "President Obama on Monday will call for federal legislation intended to force American companies to be more forthcoming when credit card data and other consumer information are lost in an online breach like the kind that hit Sony, Target and Home Depot last year," Michael D. Shear and Natasha Singer at the New York Times reports. The President is also expected to propose student privacy regulation.

This is the cyberattack that keeps Edward Snowden up at night In an interview with James Bamford recently published by NOVA, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden described how attacks on the infrastructure of the Internet itself would be disastrous for the U.S.

Uber cuts fares in 48 cities, raising some concern among drivers. Ride-on-demand service Uber is cutting fares in cities across the country, Mike Isaac at the New York Times reports. But even with assurances that it will offer hourly fare guarantees, some drivers are said to worry about how the cuts will affect their bottom lines. Uber argues that the lower prices will attract more users who will compensate for the lower fares by keeping drivers busier.

Everything you need to know about net neutrality for your smartphone. The Switch's own Brian Fung explains the next big fight in net neutrality: How -- and if -- it will apply to wireless networks and carriers.

Justice Department seeks to dismiss most of Twitter’s First Amendment lawsuit. "The U.S. government wants a federal court to dismiss most of a lawsuit filed by Twitter alleging that it violated the firm’s First Amendment rights when it restricted the firm’s ability to reveal information about national security requests for user data," reports the Post's Ellen Nakashima.