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Hillary Rodham Clinton talks NSA, presidential aspirations with Kara Swisher Clinton addressed a slew of tech topics including NSA surveillance, Snowden, encryption, and net neutrality during an interview with re/code's Kara Swisher at a Silicon Valley conference about women's leadership. (She's for Title II reclassification.)

Thune says he isn’t throwing in the towel on net neutrality legislation "Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) isn't giving up on net neutrality legislation. In fact, he's still interested in finding alternatives to what the Federal Communications Commission has proposed as the strongest rules on Internet providers the country has ever seen," reports the Switch's Brian Fung. "Although a bill won't come together before the FCC votes, as many critics of the agency were hoping, GOP outreach to Democrats will continue."

reddit is finally cracking down on revenge porn. Link-sharing and discussion site reddit is updating its privacy policy to ban involuntary pornography, the Switch reports.

Tough talk from European commissioner about U.S. tech companies "In a speech on Tuesday, Günther Oettinger, the European Commission member in charge of the digital economy, lashed out at the likes of Google, Apple and Facebook, saying that these United States tech giants were grabbing large chunks of Europeans’ online data and trying to sidestep Europe’s tough privacy rules — and that Europe needed a forceful response," reported Mark Scott at the New York Times.

Revenge porn boss wants Google to remove his “identity related” info. Craig Brittain, the former revenge porn site operator who agreed to an FTC settlement barring him from ever running such site again, wants Google to remove results referencing his activities, David Kravets at Ars Technica reports. But Brittain's bid isn't likely to succeed: "In this instance, fair use and general First Amendment principles are on Google's and the media's side."

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