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‘FREAK’ flaw undermines security for Apple and Google users, researchers discoverTech companies are scrambling to fix a security flaw that left users of Apple and Google devices vulnerable to hacking when they visited supposedly secure Web sites, the Post's Craig Timberg reports. The issue involves weak encryption left in code thanks to export controls on strong encryption during the crypto-wars of the 90s.

Using private e-mail, Hillary Clinton thwarted record requests. If Clinton's use of a private e-mail for official business was aimed at avoiding accountability, it looks like it was reasonably effective, Michael S. Schmidt and Amy Chozick at the New York Times report -- at least until the whole thing exploded. Use of the e-mail helped stonewall FOIA requests from outlets including the Associated Press and Gawker.

Obama is upset that China wants tech companies to undermine their own security. The president came out against backdoors in encrypted communications -- if the Chinese government is asking for them. But he's avoided taking a position to whether the tech companies should be required to build in ways for U.S. law enforcement to access secure communications, the Switch reports.

The Ellen Pao trial is spilling Silicon Valley secrets. The gender discrimination suit between current reddit CEO Ellen Pao and her former employer, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, is smashing the myth of meritocracy in Silicon Valley, The Verge's Nitasha Tiku writes in her coverage of the trial.

Why Comcast, AT&T and other Internet providers might not sue the FCC after all. Major ISPs may not directly the FCC over the Title II reclassification at the heart of the recently approved Net Neutrality rules, the Switch's Brian Fung writes, because of pending deals waiting for the agencies approval. But trade groups, on the other hand ...

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