Uber has added a new feature to its family-focused service that could make rides with your children a bit easier: kid-friendly tablets.

The car service said Tuesday that it has put Nabi 2 tablets into hundreds of cars in its fleet in the D.C. area as part of its Uber Family  service, which already gives parents the option to request a vehicle with a car seat.

The service first rolled out in Washington last July; it costs an additional $10, but comes with guarantees that drivers are trained on the proper way to install a car seat.

Now it also includes access to the Android-based tablets, made by Fuhu, which are designed for children and boast soft bumpers around the edges. The tablets also have a library of videos, games and apps focused on kids' entertainment and education appropriate for kids up to age 6.

Fuhu chief executive Jim Mitchell said that Uber approached his Los Angeles company with the idea to launch a pilot program in Washington. "From the very beginning it made sense," he said. As a father of two himself, Mitchell said that he knows parents are already prone to handing their kids  a phone or tablet to keep them occupied during restaurant trips and car rides.

According to a company blog post, Uber is offering the service only in the Washington area for now. Mitchell said that there are tentative plans to expand the experiment to other markets.