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CIA plans major reorganization and a focus on digital espionage. "The CIA embarked on a sweeping restructuring Friday that will bring an end to divisions that have been in place for decades, create 10 new centers that team analysts with operators, and significantly expand the agency’s focus on digital espionage," the Post's Greg Miller reports.

Spyware vendor may have helped Ethiopia spy on journalists – even after it was aware of abuses, researchers say. Ethiopia appears to have used Hacking Team commercial surveillance software in an attempt to spy on U.S.-based journalists again, according to researchers at Citizen Lab. The software used by the attacker also seems to have been updated since the February 2014 Post and Citizen Lab reporting on similar activity, the Switch reports, suggesting that updates were provided even after abuse allegations.

How the Apple Watch will transform the most successful store strategy in a generation. Pretty much everyone is expecting Apple to show off its entry into the smartwatch market during an event today. Hayley Tsukayama and Sarah Halzack explain what a luxury-priced versions might mean for Apple's stores.

Clash of the billionaires: Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are duking it out over space. "A panel of administrative judges at an obscure federal agency ruled this week that a largely behind-the-scenes clash of billionaire entrepreneurs, which pits Elon Musk against Jeff Bezos, can continue," reports the Post's Christian Davenport. That clash between the Amazon founder (and owner of this news outlet) and a PayPal co-founder and electric car CEO? A patent dispute over landing at sea.

Google’s Android to Take On Facebook in Virtual Reality. Everyone is catching virtual reality fever -- including Google, Rolfe Winkler at the Wall Street Journal says. Reportedly, the tech giant's surge into the market where it faces competition form Facebook-owned Oculus, a Valve and HTC partnership, and many others is being spearheaded by mobile-based Android team.

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