If you were hoping to get your spring started by picking up a simple fitness band, there's one place you shouldn't go anymore: the Apple store. Apple has stopped sales of the Jawbone UP and Nike+ Fuelband in its stores ahead the Apple Watch's April 24 launch.

Calls to Washington area stores confirmed that the Jawbone UP or Nike Fuelband are no longer for sale at Apple stores. The change was first reported by Re/Code, which confirmed that the products were no longer being carried in major stores in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Palo Alto, Calif.

It's not as if the Apple store is the only place where you buy these products, which have been available for purchase for quite some time. And Apple certainly shuffles its inventory on a regular basis — its store shelf space, after all, is limited to make room for the hands-on tables that are the signature of its successful retail layout. Still, that limited space makes it all the more impressive when a product cracks into the Apple store and shares some of the sheen associated with Apple's brand.

It also isn't exactly a surprise, given that Apple would want to showcase its own smartwatch when it hits stores next month.  The Apple Watch will have many fitness-tracking features, such as a menu that will tell you how long you've been sitting, standing and moving. You can even get optional reminders to stand up if your watch senses you've been sedentary for too long.

The Watch will also let you set workout goals, track your runs and keep a record of your fitness stats as a fitness tracker would, in addition to a host of smartphone-like features that come by virtue of being linked to the iPhone. The fitness features are some of the most compelling on the device, so it certainly makes sense that Apple would want to keep the focus on its own product rather than the simpler — and cheaper — products from Jawbone and Nike.

Apple is still selling a smart wristband from MIO online. And it's also selling the Jawbone UP Move — a fitness tracker that isn't worn on your wrist — in stores and online.