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Dems divided on anti-hacking bill. “While Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) has joined Republicans with a new bill aiming to protect people after their bank, retailer or favorite Web site gets hacked, other key members of his party are bucking the move,” the Hill reports.

Verizon pays $3.4 million after failing to fix a 911 outage in time. "American phone carriers are supposed to keep 911 lines up and running as long as possible," Engadget reports, "and Verizon is learning that the hard way.”

Tesla just won a huge victory in New Jersey. The Post reports: "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has signed a bill that will let Tesla sell its electric cars directly to consumers — handing Elon Musk's company a major victory over traditional dealerships that opposed the move.”

Republican: Net neutrality will 'jeopardize the open Internet.' "Senate Republicans continued to lash out at the Federal Communications Commission's new net neutrality regulations during an oversight hearing Wednesday,” National Journal writes.

Edward Snowden would like to explain himself to a jury, but he can't. Re/code reports: "The onetime National Security Agency contractor who leaked some of its deepest secrets first to journalists and then the world, told a standing-room only audience … that he’d like to negotiate a way with U.S. authorities to return legally to American soil without having to face the remainder of his life in prison.”

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