Instagram is finally getting it together -- or at least making it easier for you to do so. On Monday, the company announced a new app that lets you stitch your photos together to make collages.

The new app, Layout, is available Monday for free on iOS devices. The app will let you flip, rotate and mirror photos. There are several layout options to choose from -- all with fairly clean horizontal and vertical layouts. Simplicity is the name of the game here -- there are no borders or stickers available to add to your photos. (Though certainly, because we're talking about Instagram users, there will be filters.)

The app also has a "Faces" feature that scans your camera roll to pick out the pictures that feature people -- useful if you're trying to quickly compile a collage of a group trip or family reunion. There's also a feature called "Photo Booth," which seems to work just like, well, a photo booth -- it shoots up to four pictures in rapid succession and lets you arrange them as you see fit.

Users can put up to nine photos into a collage and should be able to easily swap out pictures if they decide they want to explore other options. You can also zoom into photos and adjust them to make sure you get just the right part of the picture for your collage.

There are plenty of photo-collage apps out on the market such as Diptic or PhotoFrame, which users of Instagram and other photo-sharing networks have relied on to let their pictures say more than just a thousand words. Instagram said in a company blog post that Layout grew out of noticing that user behavior -- the company has "seen these kinds of visual storytelling happening on Instagram and we’re inspired by it."

The app, as one might expect, integrates so users can easily share with both Instagram and its parent company Facebook. An Android version of Layout is in the works; Instagram says it's on the way in "the coming months."