Children of the '90s, you just got a pretty good reason to buy the Wii U.

Nintendo announced Thursday that it will release 1996's "Super Mario 64" on the Wii U, along with a port of the 2006 game "Yoshi's Island DS." That should warm the nostalgic heart of anyone who rocked a Nintendo 64 back in the day -- and the company has indicated that loyal fans can expect more of its classic catalog to show up on its latest console.

Both games will cost $9.99 in Nintendo's eShop as part of the Wii U Virtual Console program that's already brought titles from NES and Super NES to the Wii U.

Just in case you're worried, Nintendo has thought about how to support the DS's two-screen layout on the Wii U by using the console's tablet-like GamePad controller.

The announcements were part of a slew of news the company released late Wednesday in one of its regular "Nintendo Download" press conferences. The firm also announced that it will expand its line of Amiibo -- toys that can interact with the on-screen fun -- including the addition of some adorable Yoshi figures made of yarn.

For the full conference, check out the whole (49-minute) announcement here: