"Star Wars" is set a long, long time ago, and the franchise is finally embracing the modern age.

The original trilogy and the prequels will be available on a number of digital video services starting Friday, as announced in a ad spot during the  NCAA championship game Monday night. These include iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Xbox Video, Verizon FiOS, Disney Movies Anywhere and Google Play. Others, including M-Go and PlayStation, have also announced they will have the movies available for purchase.

To be clear: these are the "special edition" versions -- not the theatrical releases -- meaning that they have some additional post-prequel tweaks from George Lucas, which don't always sit well with fans (yes, Greedo fires first in these editions). Still, Star Wars enthusiasts have lamented the fact that the movies haven't been available as legal digital downloads, particularly as more people ditch their DVDs (or VHS, if you're old-school like that) for movie collections in the cloud.

Pre-orders are available now, and prices vary by vendor; for example, Google Play and Apple are selling them for $20 each, while Vudu is selling the whole caboodle for $90. There are also various bonus features offered by different vendors as well as other perks. Xbox, for example, will give you
an R2-D2 companion avatar on Xbox Live if you order the full set. It also gets an exclusive featurette.

So get training for your marathon viewing party -- and take a surreptitious look at how many sick days you have stored up for the year. Certain offices may look very empty on Friday.