Almost no entrepreneur is closer to being a rock star than Elon Musk: The PayPal co-founder could even whip up a frenzy over a theoretical transportation system based on pneumatic tubes.

Many of his interests seem aimed at setting himself up as some sort of technical messiah -- a man who wants to develop electronic cars to help save the planet, a man who is willing to help move humanity to Mars if he fails, and a man who is already worried about Hal-like artificial intelligence even before that space odyssey.

But some also worry there might be a dark side to his obsessions. What if his altruism is actually a masking a supervillain in training?

Musk is, after all, a ludicrously wealthy entrepreneur in the vein of Superman nemesis Lex Luthor. And his interests have a curious overlap with a number of Bond villains: Quantum of Solace’s Dominic Greene used environmentalism as a cover, while perennial favorite Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s space obsession has pretty clear parallels.

I'm far from the first person to make the connection: More ambitious stories have been written, and a Google search for "Elon Musk supervillain" currently returns more than 10,000 results -- including a Web site specifically dedicated to the theory.

Musk himself is clearly in on the joke: His current profile picture is him stroking a white cat like Blofeld and holding his pinky up to his mouth in the style of Blofeld parody Dr. Evil.

Then, in anticipation of his recent attempt to land a rocket booster on a floating sea platform earlier this week, he tweeted this:

The rocket failed to stick the landing. But no word on whether the lair, if it is ever completed, will include a dedicated space for sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads.

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