After spending years kidnapping Princess Peach and riding a sweet rig in Mario Kart, Bowser is joining the corporate offices at Nintendo of America as vice president for sales.

No wait, wrong Bowser.

Nintendo of America announced on Monday that Doug Bowser was taking over as its new vice president for sales. According to the company's press release, he has no relation to the character "Bowser" who is the villain who emerged out of the company's flagship Mario Brothers series.

In a helpful clarification, Nintendo said in its press release: "Doug Bowser brings decades of experience, not fire breath, to new role."

The executive Bowser comes from Electronic Arts, where he worked since 2007, and will oversee sales, in-store merchandising and retail strategy, among other related duties, at Nintendo of America.

For those wondering, Wikipedia describes Bowser, the villain, as "the leader and most powerful of the turtle-like Koopa race." No word on whether he is any good at sales.