(Google Maps)

If you search for the N-word on Google Maps, you get the White House.

You also get Howard University, a historically black institution, and the Capitol building.

Discovered by users, these are the latest in a string of racist search results involving a highly charged slur for African-Americans. If you start off with Google Maps zoomed into Washington, D.C., searches for "f*** n******" points you to the U.S. Capitol.

Meanwhile, recent Howard grad Bomani X said Wednesday that searches for "n***** university" on Google Maps redirects to Howard.

The N-word isn't the only epithet that produces Google results. A reader pointed out to us that "c**n house" will redirect to the White House, as well.

This all began on Tuesday, when readers noticed that searching for "n***** king" led to the White House — an apparent insult against President Obama.

What happens when you perform a nasty search on Google Maps.
What happens when you perform a nasty search on Google Maps.

Other "mistakes" on Google Maps have recently emerged, such as the White House being mislabeled as Edward Snowden's lair and an image appearing over Pakistan featuring an Android mascot urinating on an Apple logo.

"Some inappropriate results are surfacing in Google Maps that should not be, and we apologize for any offense this may have caused," Google said this week.

The errors are likely the result of other users submitting changes to Google Maps that somehow made it past the company's moderation process. The search giant has been working on a fix since at least last week, when it disabled the ability for users to make edits to Google Maps. And the company is hoping to publish an explanation as soon as today on what went wrong.

But until the fix gets rolled out, users will probably keep uncovering this kind of vandalism.