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The Apple Watch has been out for more than a month, but -- in a departure from its past product launches -- Apple crafted the gadget's debut to prevent shoppers from being able to walk into an Apple Store and walk out with one on their wrist. Instead, users could visit high-end boutiques or place their orders online and wait.

That's about to change.

Apple announced Wednesday that it will begin selling the Watch in its own stores starting in two weeks. The company also said that it's working to improve its turnaround in filling orders, promising that nearly all Apple Watches bought online from now through May will be filled within two weeks. That does come with one exception: the 42 mm Space Black Stainless Steel model with the Space Black Link Bracelet. (Presumably, that's a supply issue; Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.)

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The company fielded criticism for the way it handled the Watch launch, opting to take orders online only, even if customers went into stores for hands-on demos of the devices. The company did that in part to play up the luxury aspect of the watch, which is being marketed as jewelry, as well as a piece of technology.

But the move to go upscale --  and with a global launch -- meant that even those who placed orders within the first five minutes of sales opening didn't get their gadgets on the first day the watches shipped. Since then, Apple's been working to get through its backlog and has apparently done enough to feel comfortable holding some stock in its stores.

Not only that, the company is also expanding the Watch's launch to other countries in late June: Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan.

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