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Mark Zuckerberg held an online Q&A Tuesday and covered a lot of ground — from his workout routine to his thoughts on transgender issues with Facebook. In doing so, the co-founder shed some light on just how Facebook intends on evolving in the future. Here are a few highlights.

The exchange that follows is easily the most awesome of the bunch, in the literal sense of the word. It's hard to imagine this kind of public interaction, between Zuckerberg and one of the world's greatest scientists, taking place in a world without the Internet, or without Facebook. And it hints at how Zuckerberg thinks about human interactions: As a universal code that transcends cultural and political differences, one that simply needs to be cracked.

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Why Zuckerberg invented the poke.

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Facebook's plan for artificial intelligence. In a lot of ways, it resembles Google's mission to index all the world's information. Computers in the future will be a lot better at recognizing on their own what they're looking at, which isn't the case today.

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And finally, Zuckerberg addressed what has been a perennial flashpoint for its users: That its "real-name" policy can rob some people of their privacy, particularly when it comes to sexual orientation. Zuckerberg's four-paragraph explanation of Facebook's real-name policy ends with an intriguing clarification: "real name," as far as he's concerned, simply means "the name you want to go by."

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