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If Netflix were a country, it’d be bigger than Britain

(Mike Blake/Reuters)

Netflix released its latest subscriber figures Wednesday night during an earnings call, and the most up-to-date tally blew expectations out of the water. It's safe to say that if Netflix were a country and its users were its citizens, the streaming video giant would have more people than Britain.

Netflix's own projections from last quarter predicted the company would add 2.5 million subscribers to its rolls. But thanks in part to strong international growth, Netflix said it added as many as 3.3 million subscribers. That brings the total to more than 65 million, according to company documents, with 42 million based in the United States and 23 million abroad.

By way of comparison, at last count, there were 63.7 million people living in Britain. Only some 20 countries outrank it in population. If it wasn't already before, Netflix is now literally a very big deal.

By comparison, Hulu is about the size of Belarus; HBO Now is roughly on par with Cyprus; and SlingTV is comparable to the island nation of Vanuatu.