The film "Pixels" opened July 24. (Sony Pictures via AP)

Ten videos were removed from Vimeo late last week, after a Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint claimed that the videos contained copyrighted content from "Pixels," the 2015 feature film that's plaguing vintage video game lovers all across the land. The supposed copyright violation, it seemed, was that the videos all contained the word "pixels" in their titles.

Vimeo ended up restoring the videos on Monday, after it became clear that many of the removed videos had nothing to do with the film -- and, in fact, predated it by several years.

The takedowns also removed the film's own official trailer, which seems slightly counterproductive. Also temporarily exiled: A 2010 Machinima short video, "Pixels by Patrick Jean," that inspired the feature-length Adam Sandler film.

The complaint came from Entura International, an anti-piracy firm that has filed complaints on behalf of "Pixels" distributor Columbia Pictures in the past.

The videos were still offline Monday morning, five days after the nonprofit NeMe asked Vimeo why its 2006 video "pixels" was removed.

"Our NGO has just received a DMCA notice for a video we produced in 2006 entitled 'pixels,'" the account wrote on the Vimeo help forums. "The video was directed by a Cypriot film-maker using his own photos and sounds/music on a shoestring budget and infringes no copyright. Please somebody do check the video in question and confirm for yourselves that it breaks no copyright laws and that it has nothing to do with the latest multi-million blockbuster which prompted this notification."

A representative from Vimeo told NeMe that the nonprofit would have to file a counter-notice to fight the complaint from Entura International. But on Monday afternoon, Vimeo spokesman Kevin Turner said in an e-mailed statement that the video-sharing site had restored the affected videos after several users informed them that their videos didn't infringe on the copyright. "Entura has since withdrawn its takedown notice," Turner wrote.

Among the other affected videos: A 2010 stop-motion music video created by a Romanian art student:

And a video from another artist who used Pantone swatches to make a portrait of his parents:

"Pantone Pixels" was uploaded four years ago.

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