It's official: The country's most appealing undergraduates are the women of Florida State University and the men of Washington's very own Georgetown University.

At least, that's what Tinder says. The dating app on Wednesday released its list of the campuses whose students are, in Tinder's phraseology, the Most Swiped Right. Tinder ranked schools based on the ratio of right swipes -- which indicates approval within the dating app -- received by students ages 18-23 attending these universities in the spring of 2015.

One would hope, of course, that students choose their university based on other metrics, such as the quality and cost of its education, the range of extracurricular activities or even its location. But dating potential is a factor, too, we suppose.

"Student body" jokes aside, there are some interesting trends in the data.

For one, there doesn't seem to be a particular campus culture or region that dominates in terms of Tinder appeal. Appealing women, for example, seem to pop up more at public schools. Meanwhile the top right-swiped men are all at private universities. Tinder users also seem to dig a man with some faith. The top four schools for men -- Georgetown, the University of Notre Dame and Brigham Young and Texas Christian universities -- all have religious affiliations.

The lists don't exactly match up with other lists that have ranked, for example, the hottest campuses. Boston College is a pretty consistent winner among other polls on that metric. In Tinder's list, B.C. doesn't even make the top 25 for women, and it's 25th among men.

Overall, the Atlantic Coast Conference, comes out on top as the best college athletic conference to find right-swipeable men -- above the Ivy League -- and the second-most for women.

The Southeastern Conference leads the pack for attractive women. In fact, the University of Mississippi was the only school to make the top 10 list for both genders. (Hotty Toddy, indeed.)

Before you completely lament the total loss of style over substance, however, there is the smallest of silver linings to consider: The most successful profiles did contain bios. Of course, we don't know what those bios said. But at least that could indicate that a right swipe demands more than just a pretty face.

Well, we can hope, anyway. Right?

Check out the top 25 lists for both genders below:

Top 25 List: Campuses with Most Swiped-Right Females

1. Florida State University

2. University of Miami

3. University of Mississippi

4. University of Colorado Boulder

5. University of Alabama

6. Colorado State University

7. Boise State University

8. Iowa State University

9. University of Arizona

10. University of Iowa

11. Kansas State University

12. Indiana University

13. Texas Christian University

14. San Diego State University

15. Virginia Tech

16. Miami University (Ohio)

17. Clemson University

18. Ohio University

19. University of Florida

20. University of Kentucky

21. Auburn University

22. Texas Tech University

23. Pennsylvania State University

24. West Virginia University

25. Southern Methodist University

Top 25 List: Campuses with Most Swiped-Right Males

1. Georgetown University

2. Brigham Young University

3. University of Notre Dame

4. Texas Christian University

5. Air Force Academy

6. Yale University

7. Dartmouth College

8. University of Virginia

9. University of Mississippi

10. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

11. United States Naval Academy

12. Brown University

13. Rice University

14. Tulane University

15. University of Vermont

16. Wake Forest University

17. Cornell University

18. University of Tennessee

19. Ohio University

20. Loyola Marymount University

21. Miami University (Ohio)

22. United States Military Academy (West Point)

23. Mississippi State University

24. Clemson University

25. Boston College