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A version of Pokemon is finally coming to your smartphone

(Courtesy of Niantic)

A new addition to Nintendo's beloved Pokémon franchise is finally coming to your smartphone. But you'll have to actually go outside to play it.

Rather than porting over a version of the existing game for the smartphone, the new Pokémon Go title will let players pursue those wily pocket monsters throughout the real world. Players will be able to seek and catch Pokémon, trade them and get into battles with other trainers through their smartphones as they visit real-world locations.

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo are making the game in partnership with Niantic, which was the first company to spin out of Google in the wake of its Alphabet restructuring earlier this summer. While it was a part of Google, Niantic saw some great success with "Ingress," an augmented-reality game that requires players to travel to real-world locations, such as prominent local landmarks, to compete for control of in-game portals.

Ingress has had 12 million downloads, and regularly holds meet-up events that draw hundreds of players. Given that the company already has experience with getting players to walk all over creation in pursuit of digital goals, Pokemon seems like a natural fit.

Pokémon GO is a wonderful combination of Niantic’s real world gaming platform and one of the most beloved franchises in popular culture,” said John Hanke, Niantic's founder and chief executive, in the release. “Our partnership with The Pokémon Company and Nintendo is an exciting step forward in real-world gaming and using technology to help players discover the world and people around them.”

The announcement comes just two months after the death of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who resisted calls to move Nintendo games over to mobile for years, instead preferring that the company make games for its own devices. Before he died, however, he announced a deal with the Japanese mobile game firm DeNa, saying that the two companies would make five games together.

Yet while Pokémon Go may be designed for iOS and Android devices, it will also support a separate, dedicated Bluetooth device called thePokémon Go Plus.

"Players will be able to enhance their Pokémon GO experience even when they are looking away from their smartphones by using a unique device called Pokémon GO Plus," the release said. "By pressing a button on Pokémon GO Plus, simple in-game actions like catching a Pokémon can be performed."

The game will be coming to the App Store and the Google Play store sometime next year. So you won't have to wait too long to begin your own quest to be the very best.