The National Football League just became the first major sports to get Federal Aviation Administration permission to film using drones.

The sports league petitioned for permission to use the drones to shoot aerial video over the summer, and the FAA approved their request in a letter dated Sept. 17, as first reported by Bloomberg.

But the NFL won't be able to film actual games. Instead, the league's NFL Films now has permission to use drones to gather footage from closed-set locations around NFL stadiums and practice facilities to make films and television segments.

"NFL Films has a long history of embracing and employing the latest technology to tell its inimitable stories. NFL Films will use the unique visual images captured by drones to enhance their filmmaking and story-telling," said NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy. "They will be used when there are no people present for scenic shots for productions such as NFL Films Presents and Together We Make Football pieces on the Today Show."

The drone flights also come with a lot of other restrictions. For instance, the drone pilot must submit a written flight plans three days before filming and keep the drone flying slower than 100 miles per hour.

Earlier this year, the FAA said it was investigating several NFL teams for using drones, which are illegal to fly outside for commercial uses without the agency's approval.