(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Google+ may have never taken off quite the way the company hoped. But the company can point to a clear victory that emerged from its grand social experiment: Google Photos.

Google Photos came into being shortly after the company announced that it would spin "Photos and Streams" out of the core Google+ team in March. On Tuesday, Google announced that the photo service has hit 100 million monthly active users — just five months after its official launch as a standalone product. The service has gotten pretty high praise since its launch for the elegance and ease with which it addresses photo management — perhaps one of the biggest pains in the backside of the digital age.

According to Google, people take pictures of other people the most, followed by snaps of food. That shouldn't be surprising to anyone who's on a social network such as Instagram, where food pictures certainly seem to rule the day. But Google Photos users do rebel against at least one Internet convention. Dogs — not cats — are the most-photographed animals on Google Photos.