Google Fiber says it's in talks with a handful of cities about bringing its super-fast gigabit broadband to those towns.

The group includes Oklahoma City, Okla., and Jacksonville and Tampa, Fla., in what could lead to the next round of expansions for Fiber, which is capable of broadband speeds far exceeding what the average household gets today.

City officials are expected to begin working with Google Fiber to show how they've made it easier for the company to start business there. To speed things up, Google Fiber calls on cities to complete a checklist of tasks that includes things like streamlining the permit process and providing detailed information about city infrastructure.

"At the end of this process, we’ll decide if we can bring Google Fiber to these areas," Google Fiber said in a blog post.

Google Fiber is credited with sparking competition among Internet providers in places such as Kansas City, Mo., and Austin, Tex. — though many indications suggest its 1 Gbps service is already being surpassed by a race to 10 Gbps speeds. Chattanooga, Tenn., recently rolled out such a service, and other companies such as Verizon have begun their own tests.