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Uber’s wonky new policy blog will tackle gridlock, insurance and the future of work

(REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)

It's no secret that in cities worldwide, Uber has grappled with policymakers over issues ranging from workplace benefits to car insurance. They're pretty wonky topics, but the company believes it can help persuade more people to its point of view. To that end, it's launching a policy blog Wednesday with the name Under the Hood.

The blog will feature posts from company employees as well as guest correspondence from academics and researchers. It'll explain some of the machinery that makes Uber what it is, such as how the ridesharing firm determines pricing and what Uber drivers earn.

More importantly, Under the Hood is likely to take on some of the biggest debates in urban public policy — including some that are closely linked to Uber and its own business.

"What’s causing gridlock on our city streets, and what should be done about it? What does the future of work really look like?" the company wrote in its inaugural blog post, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post.

This isn't the first time Uber has leapt into policy discussions online. It has previously released data on its drivers, for example, in an effort to quantify the company's contributions to freelance workers and to city economies.

Those efforts were clearly aimed at convincing the riding public (not to mention policymakers) that Uber treats its drivers well, and that the company provides cities with certain benefits. Under the Hood appears to expand on that — by creating a dedicated source for Uber's policy arguments.