Over the weekend, Instagram took a page from the playbook of social media competitors and made a curated stream, based around Halloween videos, that pulled together clips submitted by its users.

As Twitter and Snapchat have done before it, Instagram used the stream to highlight unique content on its network that users may not catch if they were just scrolling through their own apps.

The trend toward curation makes quite a bit of sense. Sure, part of the fun of being on a real-time social network is being able to jump into the stream at any time and get plugged in to whatever's happening at that moment. But that can be overwhelming for new users, and even more experienced ones who want to zero in on a particular topic. On days such as Halloween — where everyone is posting similar videos for comparison — it seems like a smart thing to do to briefly bring the whole network together.

It also helps build Instagram's reputation as a place for video, rather than simply photos, which has been a main aim for the social network recently. The firm decided, for example, to think outside the square and allow different, more video-friendly image sizes on its network in August.

Instagram told Recode that it plans to do more kinds of curation events, so expect to see more in the future.