Wal-Mart is making headlines Tuesday for selling a pair of Android smartphones for $10 a pop; a low price any way you slice it. The LG Lucky and LG Sunrise phones are both in the bargain bin — as Ars Technica noted, they are essentially the same phone, apart from the types of cellular networks with which they cooperate.

They have a list price of $60 on Amazon, so this is a pretty deep discount. Both are prepaid models from Tracfone, so you'll have to pay for service. As PC Magazine notes, Tracfone has a fairly strict unlocking policy, so consumers should also know that these phones will be tied to that network for at least a year.

As for the phones themselves, consumers should manage their expectations with prices this low. Sure, you are getting a smartphone for less than the cost of a loaded Chipotle burrito; that's kind of amazing in and of itself, even with strings attached. But don't expect premium features.

According to Wal-Mart's Web site, the phones have a 3.8-inch touchscreen and are capable of connecting to WiFi and 3G networks — but not 4G. They're also behind by a few versions of Android, running KitKat instead of the latest version, Marshmallow. (Android releases are named alphabetically.) Users can, however, add their own microSD card to augment the 4 GB of included storage on the phones. There's no front-facing camera, so selfies will take some acrobatics. (Or a mirror.)

Basically, these won't be anyone's idea of a dream gadget. But they are suited to someone looking for a phone that's very cheap and very basic. If you're a tinkerer, perhaps, or just someone looking for a low-fuss phone, it may be at least worth checking it out.