Twitter confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the outage users experienced earlier in the day is over.

The firm said the problems lasted for a little more than six hours in total and that the problem was caused by an "internal code change," which it has reversed.

Twitter users reported Tuesday morning that they could not access the service for more than an hour, particularly in Europe and Africa. The outage affected both mobile and web users.

According to a post on Twitter's official blog for status updates, the company was aware of problems affecting its network from around 4 a.m., Eastern time. The website Down Detector, which tracks reports of outages for various sites, backs up that timeline.

Many news organizations across the globe reported on the outage. As of 8 a.m., some organizations (and Twitter users themselves) said that service was being restored, though some were still reporting technical problems.

The company did not say how many of its 320 million active users were affected by the outage.

While Twitter had a reputation for outages in its early days (its "fail whale" was a familiar sight), the company has taken great pains to stabilize its service as it has grown. According to the company's blog, however, it had a brief 10-minute outage on Monday, as well as a roughly 20-minute disruption on Friday.