Donald Trump wants America to boycott Apple. But he isn't leading by example.

The GOP presidential contender is still tweeting from his iPhone, despite having called on the public to abandon Apple amid its ongoing fight with the Justice Department.

Here's a screenshot from the Twitter app Tweetdeck that shows Trump (and/or his campaign) has yet to ditch his Apple products.


And so you can tell the screencap hasn't been altered, here's the process I went through to grab it:


Here's the video of the rally in South Carolina where Trump called for the boycott. Jump ahead to 0:47 for the relevant clip.

Apple and the government are embroiled in a fight over whether the tech company should give law enforcement access to the contents of an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. The Justice Department on Friday said that Apple's refusal to cooperate was due to a "marketing" strategy. Update: Trump later tweeted that he uses both an iPhone and a Samsung phone, and threatened to use his Samsung exclusively.