This is what it looks like if you Google Ted Cruz now — note the "campaign finance" section in the bottom right-hand corner. (Google)

Looking up a presidential hopeful's campaign finance information is now just a Google away.

If you look up a candidate's name using the search engine, it now pulls up a quick summary of how much the candidate's campaign has raised — and a breakdown of what percentage of funds comes from super PACs and other groups versus individual donations. All of this is located in the sidebar.

Making the search a little more specific by looking for something like "clinton campaign finance" will put the same summary at the top of your search results. A tab at the bottom of the summary will let you expand to get more details — like how many donations came from people in what industry, and where the candidate stacks up against the competition in fundraising terms.

The data is pulled from the Center for Responsive Politics, a watchdog organization that runs So far, the feature only includes U.S. presidential candidates, but Google may expand it to other races in the future.

"Finding unbiased, objective election information isn’t an easy task," Google product managers Jacob Schonberg and Payal Patel wrote in a blog post announcing the feature Tuesday. "Today's update is the latest in our efforts to help users get the information they need to become informed about the elections and our candidates."

Here's what the extended feature looks like in action when searching for Hillary Clinton:


And Bernie Sanders:


And Donald Trump: