Verizon this week rolled out a few updates to its cellphone plans, which will affect new customers as well as any existing customers who choose to migrate over.

The most important change has to do with the pricing of its data plans, which are going up. You'll pay more under these plans compared to today's prices, but you also get somewhat more data in your monthly allotment.

You'll also be able to roll over any unused data for a single month, meaning that if you haven't used up all of your allowance for July, you'll be able to take advantage of that data in August (but not beyond). In addition, Verizon is adding a program called Safety Mode, which is designed to keep you from blowing past your limit.

Activating Safety Mode will cost an extra $5 a month if you're on a "large" data plan or below, and the feature will slow you down to dial-up speeds rather than expose you to overage fees. For those of you who forego Safety Mode, you'll be able to pay extra by the gigabyte if you go over your monthly cap. Previous reports suggested that Safety Mode might appear as an app. In fact, Safety Mode will be included as a feature on a standalone app called My Verizon.

Some of these changes reflect the growing appetite of Internet users for mobile data. We're watching more online videos and listening to more online music than ever, and Verizon wants to ensure it makes every cent that it can from that extra demand. The updates also underscore how the industry is changing, broadly speaking — rollover data has gradually been adopted by most of the country's wireless carriers, and so has offering greater services throughout North America at lower prices.