Donald Trump Jr.'s now-infamous "Skittles tweet" has been widely shared across the world and embedded on countless websites.

Trump tweeted the picture, with a caption that compared the refugee crisis to a poisoned bowl of candy, with the caption that said, in part: "The image says it all." But now, the tweet has gone silent — its picture has been removed.

David Kittos, the British-based photographer who took the photo and who also left Cyprus as a refugee when he was 6 years old, has filed a copyright claim over the tweet. That claim has prompted its removal.

Twitter's copyright policy allows for photographers to ask that images be removed from Twitter if they feel their images are being misused. Kittos's claim is displayed on the website Lumen, an independent third-party research project studying cease-and-desist letters. The claim names Kittos, a British-based photographer, as the report's initiator and links to his Flickr account

"Photography of a bowl of Skittles from my flickr library which was copied WITHOUT my permssion [sic]," the claim reads.

On Tuesday, Kittos's lawyer Heather Blaise confirmed via e-mail that her client filed the claim.

Kittos previously told the BBC that he didn't approve of Trump using his photograph in the tweet and that the image had not been cleared for that use.

When Trump first sent the message, Skittles-maker Wrigley was also quick to criticize the comparison, saying in a statement: ""Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don't feel it's an appropriate analogy. We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing."

Trump could not immediately be reached for comment. Twitter spokesman Nu Wexler declined to comment on an individual account.

Twitter received nearly 25,000 takedown complaints in the first half of 2016 and withheld 49,298 pieces of media in the same period.

This story has been updated to include confirmation from David Kittos's lawyer that the photographer filed the claim.