Google's phone-powered virtual reality headset is called the Daydream View and will cost $79.

The company introduced the headset Tuesday at a major product keynote speech in San Francisco, announcing that it will support YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and HBO content, as well as Google Street View.

The Daydream View is made with fabric rather than the hard plastic favored by every other headset maker. In fact, Google executives said onstage that they worked with clothing makers to design the headset to make it comfortable.

The Daydream View's remote lets users swing their arm and click to interact with the virtual world, and tucks neatly into the front of the device when not in use.

Daydream View will be on sale at Verizon and Best Buy starting Oct. 20 and will be available in a gray color, Slate, at launch. Google also announced that it will release the headset in two more colors — Snow and Crimson — at a later date.