Tesla hit a big milestone Wednesday as it said it's finally turned a quarterly profit after a three-year drought. Investors were buoyed by the news, but chief executive Elon Musk had a few other thoughts to share that shouldn't go unmentioned. Here are a few highlights.

Model 3 preorders will have the factory tied up for a while

So many people have signed up early for Tesla's mainstream electric car, the Model 3, that the company has enough work to fill a whole year of production already.

"We're sold out for the first 12 months of production," he told investors on a conference call.

Will Tesla be able to stay on schedule given the intense demand? The company's track record hasn't been great, but it insists everything will proceed smoothly.

More details on Tesla's ride-hailing platform, the Tesla Network

Although Musk said he plans to use the Tesla Network as a revenue generator for the company, he claims that the lion's share of the benefits will go toward Tesla owners. As we've written previously, Tesla owners will be able to contribute their self-driving Teslas to a shared pool of vehicles that will then autonomously pick up and drop off passengers, just like Uber's self-driving car service. The major difference is that Tesla's owners will be compensated for sharing their vehicle, and any money they earn while their car is out driving around will go toward paying down the cost of the car.

In that respect, said Musk, comparing Tesla to Uber is a little unfair.

"It's not Tesla versus Uber; it's the people versus Uber," he said.

Tesla commits to sharing self-driving data with other automakers

The federal government's guidelines for self-driving cars push for automakers to share crash and testing data with one another and with Washington. Industry officials say they plan to push back against the idea, saying a great deal of company information is confidential and could reveal competitive secrets.

But Musk said he'd be "happy to share information with our competitors that would help improve safety," potentially setting a precedent.