Apple is expected to announce a handful of new products Thursday, but it kicked off its announcements with a somewhat unexpected subject: Apple TV.

The company did not announce a new version of its set-top box, but it announced some new apps that could make it more appealing to consumers. Apple chief executive Tim Cook said that Minecraft, the popular building game owned by Microsoft, will hit Apple TV by the end of the year. Twitter's Ryan Troy, the company's global lead for TV devices, also took to the stage to show off the new Apple TV Twitter app, which is being held up as a prime example of interactive viewing apps.

Apple is also trying to simplify the Apple TV for users — a key move as more cord-cutting services flood users with more options than they may actually be willing to sift through. With a new Apple TV app simply called “TV,” the company is aggregating users' many streaming options into one spot, making it easier to search and surface content. It looks somewhat like iTunes, but with television content. And, of course, it works with Siri for search.

The app will look the same across Apple TV, iPhone and iPad and will be part of a free update in December.