If you've been waiting to test out DirecTV Now, the new online video service from AT&T, you might want to act soon.

Beginning Jan. 9, AT&T will be raising the price of one of its bigger channel bundles on the service, from an introductory $35 a month to $60 a month.

In some fine print on the service's website, AT&T says an ongoing discount for the channel package, known as Go Big, will be expiring in a matter of days.

The package is the service's second-largest, and includes roughly 100 channels. Customers can also sign up for more limited plans at $35 and $50 a month, as well as a high-end plan for $70 a month. But Go Big had been heavily discounted by AT&T since the service's launch on Nov. 30, part of an introductory promotion aimed at signing up new users quickly.

It now appears that the promotion will be limited to the holiday season. The news comes rather abruptly: When AT&T first unveiled DirecTV Now, executives were vague about how long the promotional period for Go Big would last. Now we know.