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Mike Huckabee tweeted 7,000 times before he tweeted about a Comcast customer service issue; but when he did, oh man.

In the decade since he left the Arkansas governor's office, the Republican has tweeted about Obama, Hillary Clinton's maid, his lousy Delta flight — even the Oscars and colonoscopies.

He wrote so many tweets about so many things that The Washington Post had a joke expert rate them, and Patton Oswalt tried to perform them as standup comedy (which Huckabee then tweeted about).

But in all those years, Huckabee wrote nothing about his customer experience with Comcast, which has been repeatedly dubbed “the worst company in America” by multiple outlets.

Until Monday.

We'll have to space these out lest we overwhelm the senses.

Huckabee is selective in what he reveals about the ups and downs in the life of Mike Huckabee.

All he's told us about this particular issue is that sometime in late March, something went wrong with his Comcast service.

On Monday, a technician was supposed to come and fix it, but didn't.

The North Korean regime tried to demonstrate its military superiority by launching a ballistic missile Sunday. It blew up prematurely but still rattled the dictatorship's neighbors and raised tensions with the United States.

Huckabee, who twice ran for president, often employs hyperbole-by-tweet. The Post found a humor expert who liked it when he compared President Trump to Batman, but still rated one-third of Huckabee's jokes “stupid” or “bad.”

As he continued to wait for the Comcast technician, Huckabee tried out some more traditional lines.

Root canals and grandkids.

Then it was back to dark analogies.

Comcast and its competitor Time Warner Cable routinely bottom out in customer satisfaction surveys, as The Post noted in 2015.

The Consumerist twice rated Comcast as “Worst Company in America,” which was also the Verge's headline when Comcast tried to merge with Time Warner in 2014.

In PC magazine in January, it was the “most hated company.”

A 75-year-old Comcast customer in Northern Virginia was once so enraged by a missed appointment that she took a hammer to her local service center and smashed things until police came. “The Hammer Lady” became “a folk hero for fed-up customers everywhere,” as The Post noted.

So yes, Mike Huckabee, others share your pain — if not your analogies.

Huckabee's stood-up date with Comcast marked the second this month that he took a customer service gripe to the national stage.

When he flew Delta Air Lines two Fridays ago, as severe weather disrupted the carrier's operations, he helped popularize the #deltameltdown hashtag.

Huckabee was less forgiving this time around.

After spending an hour of his afternoon comparing his cable provider to United Airlines, the mafia, North Korea and a president whose foreign policy he once compared to Holocaust ovens, Huckabee finally got Comcast's attention.

The company has been making efforts to improve its image. After its “worst company” rating in 2014, Comcast upgraded its app to let people know when a technician was about to arrive. A year later, it announced thousands of new customer service jobs.

And by Monday evening, Comcast had fixed Huckabee's issue, which it blamed on a scheduling mistake.

“We completely understand Governor Huckabee’s frustration and are so sorry that we missed yesterday morning’s scheduled appointment," a spokesperson wrote in a statement. "We worked to send a technician to the Governor’s home as soon as we learned about this and are happy we were able to resolve the issue that same day.”

Too late, though.

This post was updated with Comcast's statement.

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