Get ready for liftoff, Apple fans.

Apple on Thursday invited the media to the first-ever event at Apple Park, colloquially known as its “spaceship” headquarters: the giant, circular building in Cupertino, Calif., that the firm started building in 2013.

The Sept. 12 event is widely expected to feature the release of the next iPhone, a decade after it was introduced by Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs. To have the 10th anniversary phone debut at an Apple theater named for Jobs brings the product full-circle — if you'll excuse the pun.

At an event last year, Apple chief executive Tim Cook said that he believed it would be the last time he introduced a product in the old Cupertino complex, with its very famous address of 1 Infinite Loop.

“This is probably the last product introduction in the town hall that you're sitting in today,” Cook said. “We've had a lot of important announcements here. It's a very special place with lots of memories. The iPod was announced in this room; so was the App Store. We have lots of great memories here.”

Cook and the rest of Apple head into the event with big expectations. Having decided to give the latest iPhones — the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus — a smaller-than-expected makeover, the pressure is on to deliver something spectacular with the next models. Apple insiders expect the company to show off a 10th-anniversary model of the iPhone that is substantially redesigned, with an edge-to-edge screen and no home button.

Apple is also expected to announce a refresh for the Apple TV set-top box, which may gain support for ultra-high-definition 4K video. The firm may also offer an update of its Apple Watch.

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