They're probably the person in your life you go to help for all your technology needs. So how can you give something good to the tech-savvy person in your life? Here are some suggestions for gifts to delight those who are always looking at the hottest tech trends and products.

iPhone X: Apple’s highest-end smartphone is kitted out with all the bells and whistles at its disposal — especially facial recognition technology that has supplanted the trusty fingerprint reader. As with all cutting-edge tech, this isn’t for the faint of heart, both in terms of price and in willingness to try something new. You still won't find a headphone jack with the The iPhone X. Apple also ditched the home button in favor of new navigation gestures that may take some time to get used to. But, you do get advanced camera features and a larger screen (5.85 inches, in case you’re wondering) that takes up nearly all of the smartphone's front. You also get access to Apple’s full suite of augmented reality features, including games that blend the real and digital worlds as well as animated emoji. Apple also promises better battery life and a water-resistant body, so it should be able to take what your day throws at it.

Price: $999 and up

Kindle Oasis: Amazon has finally made a waterproof Kindle — the second-generation Kindle Oasis. While e-readers may not top your mental list of cutting-edge gadgets, there is enough additional tech in this super-light premium device to warrant it. The e-reader is designed to fit well in hand and boasts weeks of battery life. The new Kindle Oasis has a larger screen — at seven inches with an adaptive light in front that automatically adjusts to fit the environment around you. It also syncs with your Audible audiobooks, so you can listen or read, or use the e-reader as a repository for your audiobooks. Just keep in mind that you’ll need wireless headphones to listen because there isn’t a headphone jack. The Oasis is available in 8 GB and 32 GB models. (Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post)

Price: $249.99 for 8GB

Pixelbook: Google’s Pixelbook is a premium Chromebook — the line of laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS. While most Chromebooks are aimed at budget-conscious consumers such as students, the Pixelbook has a $1,000 price tag and aims for those who take their work and play seriously. You can only use apps that are available through Google’s mobile app Play store; the variety on the store is good, however. The lightweight laptop functions more like a tablet with a keyboard, but it has a two-way hinge that lets it operate as a traditional laptop, or flat like a keyboard. You can even bend it backward if you’d like. That mode is particularly good for watching video. If you decide to buy the $99 pen, you'll find that it serves as a suitable note taker and sketching implement — though it’s not as sensitive as, say, the Apple Pen for the iPad.

Price: $999.99

Sphero Mini: Got an interest in robots? Consider the cute, little Sphero Mini as a fun entry into the world of robotics — as well as a top-notch pet toy. Thanks to an ongoing interest in education, Sphero Mini is a good tool for anyone who wants to learn a bit of robotics. Whether they're 8 or 98, downloading the Sphero education app gives owners a chance to try their hand at programming a robot themselves. There are other home robots out on the market this holiday, some of which are starting to resemble Rosie from the Jetsons — but it's probably best to wait until they move beyond the gimmick stage. (Yes, even for those who like to dance on the cutting edge.) Sphero may be a pure play for fun, but it provides a lot of it and still lets you plug into the growing conversation around robotics.

Price: $49.99; extra shells are $9.99 each.

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Buy these gifts if you're worried about your personal data, or if you are a workaholic, gamer, early adopter or bargain-hunter. (Jhaan Elker/The Washington Post)