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This isn't just bad for the NSA. It's bad for everyday users, too.

The senate version of the USA FREEDOM Act has advocates and opponents in privacy and civil liberties circles.

But experts say the former NSA contractor's claim is hard to independently verify.

A new version of the USA Freedom Act has been introduced in the Senate.

It's considered a "fringe benefit" of the job, he says.

New Pew research shows fewer global citizens believe the U.S. respects personal freedoms after NSA leaks.

Reports of U.S. spying on German citizens -- including German Chancellor Angela Merkel -- caused outrage last year.

Analysts could earn 'Skilz points' by using the NSA's XKeyscore tool according to a new report.

The latest from the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Jewel v. NSA suit.

The policy debate over NSA spying in retrospect.

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