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The Washington Post

A major privacy and security risk lurking in the app that is taking America by storm.

Property owners can and often do install cameras.

The Internet never forgets, but Microsoft's search engine might soon.

How Google is implementing the "right to be forgotten" in Europe.

And makes some interesting space analogies.

Facebook's mobile app will soon be able to track your music and television choices -- if you let it.

As tech giants appear poised to enter the fitness and health tracking market, privacy advocates warn about potential consumer risks.

New report suggests the popular messaging app lags behind competitors when it comes to some privacy and transparency issues.

Snapchat messages don't 'disappear' as permanently as users were led to believe, the FTC alleges.

Report from a group led by John Podesta recommends changing the 1986 law that govern law enforcement access to e-mail stored in the cloud.

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